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Business Immigration

Canada constantly seeks individuals with business and/or managerial experience based on their ability to become economically established and support the development of the Canadian economy.

If you plan to build an innovative business in Canada, then the Federal Start-Up Visa Program could be an option for you.

If you have experience that will make a significant contribution to cultural or athletic life in Canada; or experience in farm management and you must intend to and be able to buy and manage a farm in Canada, then the Self-Employed Persons Program could be a suitable option for you.

If you have prior business ownership or management experience, then you may be eligible for several Provincial Nomination Business Programs offered by the various provinces of Canada. Every province's Business Program has different eligibility criteria and requisites.

If you are a foreign entrepreneur, you can buy a business in Canada and apply for a work permit as a management level employee under the Temporary Foreign Workers program and apply for permanent residence after your arrival in Canada with your family.

Contact Alexander Immigration Services Inc. to discuss your needs and choose the best program suitable, based on your experience and background.