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Immigration Consultation

One commonly asked question is "Why do I need an Immigration Consultant when all the information is available online?"

If you are looking forward to saving time and money during your Immigration process, then the answer is YES.

Hiring a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant is your first step towards making the right decisions for your immigration procedures. They help you wade the complex and ever-changing world of Canadian Immigration. They have obtained their license after exhaustive studies and exams, and also attend Continuous Professional Development Courses each year to ensure they keep up with the Canadian Government’s Immigration Regulations and Law. A Consultant can suggest various Immigration options and helps you select the best visa category that suits your profile, and in which, your chances of success are high. They further ensure proper documentation and deal with the Canadian Immigration Authorities, which saves your application from undue delays or even rejections at times.

We, at Alexander Immigration Services, offer a free initial assessment for all our clients worldwide. Once you contact us by email/telephone, we send you the Preliminary Questionnaire, which we request be filled and returned along with your resume. This questionnaire helps us learn more about your situation, so that we can determine the best immigration program for you.

We normally get back to you within three business days to let you know if you are eligible or not, regardless the outcome. If you are eligible, then the next step will be to book a paid consultation with us to discuss your case, more in detail. This consultation is available in person, by telephone, Google meets or Skype and lasts up to an hour maximum.

You can still book an appointment, even if you are not eligible, and if you wish to know the reasons and what to do to overcome this ineligibility.

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